Emiya Japanese Restaurant

Troy & I were famished after returning from a short road trip in Cavite. We were pretty much craving for maki rolls, rice bowls and sushi. Fortunately, we passed a recently opened Japanese restaurant along the highway.


Here’s our honest review on our dining experience:

  • Ambience: 3/5

Emiya Restaurant is located at ARC Building, Sampaloc 3 (Piela), Governor’s Drive, Dasmarinas, Cavite. The facade of the establishment is appealing, decorated with Japanese lanterns. The parking slot is small though and may probably be full during peak hours (can fit 3 to 4 cars, I think).

We tried a lot of Japanese restaurants already and I can say that this restaurant’s interior is at par with the ones we visited before. The tables were neatly arranged and there was a soft music playing which gives off a relaxing vibe. If I had one thing to comment though was the absence of its own comfort room. Customers can use the communal rest room of the building. I just wish it has its own so we won’t need to go out of the restaurant anymore.


  • Service: 4/5

The waiters were friendly and accommodating. We were given the menu and a glass of water immediately after seating.  He was also quick on giving recommendations and answered our questions about their menu. I also remember Troy giving remarks on one of the dishes served to us (the katsudon was a little salty) and the manager was adamant in apologizing. We also saw her walked inside the kitchen and talked to the chef/cooks.

  • Food: 4/5 (Serving: 4/5; Taste: 4/5; Price/Value for Money: 4/5)

(From L-R: Dragon Roll, California Maki, Ika (Squid) Sushi; Bottom: Katsudon)

The Katsudon was a little bit salty and had to tell the server our feedback on the taste. We’re happy on the rolls and sushi. They’re seasoned well and tasted authentic. The mayo (or cream?) in the dragon roll was sloppily made and I wished it was done better (so it would’ve looked like a dragon). Nonetheless, the taste was great! We were served coffee jelly as dessert and there was a complimentary tea. The price range per dish  is between Php 200-400. Our bill was a little around Php 1,000.00.

  •  Over-all verdict: 4/5

We’re generally happy with the food and service! We’re planning to eat here again if time permits. And hey! They also do catering, private functions and delivery.

For more details, you can visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/smile.emiya/ or follow their Instagram account @smile.emiya.

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