About Me


Hello! I’m Donna Glaraga from the Philippines. I’m a Manila-based IT professional and is currently working in the financial industry promoting financial inclusion of the unbanked and uncarded population in the country. I want to share my experiences outside the corporate world through this blog, Her Things and Thoughts.

I like things structured and organized. I have a 1-week meal plan. I shop groceries in advance. I write down my budget and savings. I have journals of everything that I am tracking. When travelling, my things are properly arranged. My documents are usually labeled. No, I don’t have OCD. I just really like my things in orderly fashion.

I love Asian cuisine, especially Korean and Japanese! I love breakfasts! Authenticity is the best marker of a good food. When it comes to food, I never settle for less. Eating is an art. For me, emptying your plate is the highest form of appreciating it.

I like to explore new hobbies. I love to sing… I have a little talent in playing instruments. I tried watercolor painting and calligraphy. I love books! I can read anything under the sun. I love watching films, local or hollywood. Though I appreciate foreign cultures, I’m a proud Filipina!

world map

My husband and I love travelling and all the oddness that comes with it: immersing ourselves to the place, getting lost along the way, worrying about the signal strength, and just enjoying everything that experience has to offer.

So join me while I discover new places, learn fascinating cultures, try out delectable cuisines and enjoy interesting hobbies. 🙂